TDA Example Monthly Themes

Pilgrims & Pioneers

  • Learn about early American history, model making, and space probes, all in one month.
  • Create a scale model of the Plymouth Colony
  • Design and create a theatrical set and props using woodworking skills.
  • Sing Pilgrim songs and American folk songs.
  • Discover the great American composers—Gershwin, Sousa, Joplin. and more!

Expecto Excalibur

  • Learn about the Hero’s Journey through old (Arthurian) and new (Harry Potter) legends.
  • Create costumes from the different Hogwarts houses using materials on hand.
  • Prepare for Dueling Club by making wands from branches of woods featured in the stories.
  • Discover the connections between Arthurian legend, the Neuschwannstein Castle, Wagner operas, and the world’s most famous amusement parks.
  • Delve into music from films scores and ballets inspired by Arthurian legend.

When In Rome

  • Participate in story time featuring Roman goddesses and gods.
  • Use math and engineering to make a scale-model of an aqueduct that actually moves water.
  • Build a real stone arch, assemble catapults and trebuchets, and craft a diorama of Roman camps (and then hold a battle royale).
  • Learn Latin basics.
  • Discover the classical primary colors and try color mixing.
  • Explore Roman names attached to planets and zodiac signs.
  • Learn the history of the empire’s conquests.
  • Sculpt Roman architecture—coliseums, amphitheaters, and arches.
  • Delve into music by Holst (“Mars, Bringer of War” and “Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity”) and Rossini (Barber of Seville).
Three Dragons Academy monthly themes.
Example TDA daily project schedule.