The Buzz About TDA

TDA kids love to learn!

Three Dragons Productions (TDP) has hosted and taught theatre, music, and art programs at a variety of venues for over 21 years. Some current and former Three Dragons parents and participants have shared these nice comments:



"An original. Not like a school. What school should be!"
—TDA Parent

"[My child] isn’t coming home with the typical trappings that prove learning…. There's a lot of seed-planting going on—complicated ideas made accessible."
—TDA Parent

"Thank you for all you do. We feel very blessed and so fortunate to have found Three Dragons. It has been a game changer for [our child]. The future is bright for schooling: Yeah and Wahoo! Thank you, thank you, Amy and Phoenix!"
—TDA parent



"[I learned] to appreciate the arts and the role they have in affecting change and doing good…. To appreciate how they have provided me with a skill-set I can utilize in any field, even those not in the arts."
—Colleen, 2003

"I definitely learned that I can do anything if I just try. Talk about uncorking creativity! TDA definitely helped to inspire my business!"
—India May, 1993

"I would say one of the things I learned under Amy and Phoenix's wings [which] continues to inspire me would definitely be stage fencing and quarter-staff fighting. Once I realized I could learn anything … by just deciding to do it, I haven’t stopped…. It's exciting and empowering to try and do new things, to not stop learning new skills. The more things I can do, the more fun my life is."
—C. Kirsten, 2004

"My obsession with so many great things (Macbeth and my extreme distaste of banning books to name a couple) stem from my time with Three Dragons. I wouldn’t be a crazy children’s librarian if it wasn’t for you guys, that’s for sure!"
—Conni, 2000

"I learned to love the stage under [your] guidance, and I still love it to this day!"
—Riley P., 1995

"Thank you for your efforts to encourage creativity in kids and for making an arts-based education program!"
—Treshelle, 1993

"There were many pieces of advice, counseling, and guidance both of you gave that I have thought back to over the years, and it always steered me right."
—Matthew J., 2004

"So much of who I am is from my summers with you two!"
—Rachel F., 1993

"I’m in love with theatre and it’s affect on people. You guys helped instill that love. [And] I want to attend this academy!"
—Kimber L., 2001



Three Dragons Academy is a finalist for Parent Map Magazine’s 2016 Golden Teddy Award.


Amy and Phoenix were awarded Youth Theatre Northwest’s Footlight "Guardian" Award in 2014 for "nurturing creative development, ingenuity, and leaving a lasting impact on the community."

TDA was a 2013 CBSLocal Top 5 resource for homeschool families in Seattle.