Parent Resources

Online Games

  • PBSkids
  • LightBot! Catchy little tune? Precoding and logic skills development? Yes please!

Non-Virtual Activities


Wilderness is Good for Kids!

  • It’s a shame kids aren’t allowed to pocket pine cones, rocks, and pick an occasional flower in parks. In the meantime, there's the Wilderness Awareness School, which includes a great Friday 9am – 3pm class that complements our TDA schedule.
  • And there's also the lovely Wild Child Seattle program at Carkeek Park for smaller folk.
  • And the Farm to Forest program in Duvall.


  • Parent Map is a local parenting magazine (though topics tend to be mom-centric, they are generally journalistically balanced) with articles that range from informative and thoughtful, to stir-the-pot rhetorical. Their kids events calendar is the very best!
  • Tenzan Aikido (on Aurora Ave near Green Lake). Sensai Bruce Bookman is a world-class Aikido master and happens to be a great teacher too! (Look for lower-enrollment classes to take advantage of Sensei’s outstanding personal attention). Aikido is so much about fighting as it is about developing the link between mind and body. A kid’s membership at Tenzan Aikido means gets you unlimited classes!
  • Capitol Music (now Ted Brown Music) is the best music store in Seattle and a partner with our music appreciation programming. Their store manager, Asher, has been a guest musician for an electric guitar workshop at TDA!