A part-time program for full-time learners!

Three Dragons Academy is a Seattle-based arts-enrichment program for kids 3 1/2 – 14. Our mission is to foster a lifelong love of learning through arts education. Our specially crafted music and drama lessons reward harmonious teamwork and attention to detail,
while developing courage and originality. Our widely varied art projects teach aesthetics and analysis, stimulate critical thinking skills, and promote divergent thinking. Fearlessly exploring, imaginatively creating and inventing, leading with conviction:
these are the very core of innovation.

Thanks everyone for a fantastic and fun 2016 summer camp season!
We made magic, had swordfights (light saber and traditional), played ukeleles, and crafted puppets.
Please check back in February for our 2017 summer camp schedule, or sign up in the blue box for automatic updates.


Spark news

This is the first year we're offering our new middle-grade enrichment program, SPARK. We've had tremendous interest and we're excited to see what the kids will do with their art installation. Wondering what SPARK stands for? We are too! The kids will decide and we'll let you know. Check back for news and pictures! 


We're so excited to have started our fifth year of  TDA and our second year with two sessions! Thank you so much to our fantastic teacher, Cory Southwell, for making this expansion possible. And a big thank you to all our families for growing with us!

Game Club

We're excited to have some upcoming Game Club dates:

  • Tues., Jan. 24, 3:30 – 5:30 pm

  • Thurs., Feb. 16, 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Please remember: All players must register in advance to play and must be accompanied by a guardian for the duration of the gaming period. No drop offs please. Guardians must remain on site, but don't need to be inside the classroom (it's nice to give the kids their own space). Game club is free!